A little guide to my blog… and a note about the new 2014 porn laws

Hello and welcome to my spanking blog, there is lots to see. If you work from the main page of my web site (spanking-emporium.co.uk) I think you will find it easiest to go to a heading, click on it, and then in the page that pops up, there will be a ‘more about..’ link, just click on that.

That will save you scrolling through posts you may not want to view.

So, for example, after going through the ‘age gate’, click on ‘photo stories’ then click on ‘more photo stories on my blog’ and hey presto!

Just a quick note before you go looking…


It is still okay to make spanking vidoes so long as they are within the same guidelines as the films you buy on DVD. I think mine are okay, but I am waiting for clearer instructions, there is a lot of debate.

All my models are of course willing to be spanked, or to spank, and are definitely the correct age. Most of my stories concern girls/women who actually want to be spanked, so they are consensual. No lasting marks are made.


Two awards and a few wins!

Don’t want to show off really, well I do a bit!


Just a bit of news really…


I am now ‘The Inspirational Artist of the Year’ according to Aspire magazine, which circulates the east Midlands.

I have won a photography competition in New York and one in Lebanon (Florida)

I am one of six photographers (the only one from the Uk) selected by The Alberta Arts academy, from a contest entitles ‘Female Beauty’. Over 800 entrants from all over the world and I came 3rd.




As you are aware I love all aspects of the female bottom, not only spanking it, but the shape, the curves and so on.

To this effect I decided to hold a competition in DECEMBER 2014, with the company I sell my art through, ‘FINE ART AMERICA’ It is something I hope to do often.

Voting is by the general public.

Please go to my art page, and just follow the link to ‘CONTESTS’ and then to the competition, click on winners and you will see all the entries and the prize winners.

Some wonderful work in many media.

Ist place went to a piece by John Babis, with his wonderful piece entitled ‘Perfection’


It is too, and I do not just mean the bottom.  His lighting (very low) and the pose he chose are perfect for the subject I love, look how the curves of the bottom draw the eye.  Although John is renown for his city scapes and architectural photography, he said to me that for this contest he thought he would try his hand at the human body…. well, what can I say? he won!!! he assures me that he never thought of spanking it, but with a wry smile he added…”It won’t spank itself!”

2nd place went to a piece by Shelby, in this case a digital painting.

I love the way the refelction and her eyes tell a story. A wonderful piece of work and I advise anyone to visit his page to see all his art.

As you can see, 3rd place was shared by a few works, another one by Shelby stood out, almost as if it was part of the same story. The one by Rebecca Glaze actually spoke ‘spanking’ to me, as if i was being invited to smack her bottom, probably the way her bottom is bared so cheekily. I thought ‘Winters Contours’ was a really clever piece of work,  as too was ‘Lean on Yourself’, a clever title and the use of shadows was a sexy enhancement.

However, for me, you know what I am like, one piece of work stood out and was my ‘Personal Choice’ to be hung in ‘Bond’s Erotic Art Gallery’ in Chesterfield.

I have purchased a print of the piece, and it will hang there soon, it was a beautiful erotic piece of work of a woman in the pose I adore, her bottom presented for a spanking.

Well done to SEAN GRIFFIN here is a link to his entry….


Here is the Gallery it will hang in. The erotic Gallery is upstairs and people go up via a secret little staircase, it is where I take my photographs and shoot videos too. I hope to shoot a video with the entry by Sean in the background. The photo will also spend time downstairs as I often have this type of work hung there too.


Thank you all for your entries.



The other day I was talking to Charlotte, and as I often am ::blush:: I was under her spell.

Despite her success, and all she does, she is such a modest person. Quite matter of factly she just drops out that she is going to be in the Mayfair Magazine again.  She said she was a little nervous, and had been shopping for underwear with her Mum.

Oh bless her Mum, she doesn’t earn a lot yet off she goes with her daughter to treat her to new underwear, isn’t that just lovely? The image of them arm in arm choosing knickers and suspender belts! She is quite rightly proud of her daughter, and I don’t mean for her looks, or her success.  I spoke to her mum not long ago, and I’ll tell you what her Mum is so proud of,

The way she modestly gets on with it and is so caring for everyone! She is still just a nice ordinary lass, a typical Derbyshire lass!

Mayfair is Britains top glamour magazine in the opinion of many. It has been around for ages and if you get in there, well, let’s say you’ve made it! I know Charlotte has a lot of good, well known photographers and sites who use her talents, and some lower down the league like me! I am very strong  actually! It takes some doing holding all those up above you! lol

Not many can match the reputation of Mayfair.

I asked what it was like,  to go there and do a shoot, come and sit with me and listen to what she told me, I’ll put the kettle on shall I?

This is so funny actually, she spoke of the first time when she went in her clapped out old car. It is one of those places where someone takes your keys and goes to park it. She blushed, and probably had that quirky look she has, as she passed the keys over and saw the frown of the man parking it! Not this time though! her success had brought it’s  rewards, and it will be a black open top Audi A4 to park this time!

I imagined a set or two and people dashing about.

Oh no!

A massive building, with all different sets all the way around the outside of the main hall, each with its own screen so the models can see themselves. Lights and equipment everywhere!

She said that down the middle is a bank of desks with people sat at screens, monitors, computers etc, and some of the screens are above them. It sounds like a set off James Bond!

Wow! Ohhh I wish I could go one day!!

Best not, I would make a mess when I exploded!!

You have to admire her don’t you. Driving down all that way from Derbyshire, then having to go into a posh place like that and perform best she can, either in sexy underwear or naked.  Alone too!

She did say this though, and I found it so reassuring. We all hear stories of how girls can be intimidated and bossed about by photographers and so on. But not there!

She said they went out of their way to make her feel relaxed and comfy.

Isn’t that good! Well done Mayfair.

Charlotte has a lot of fans of which I am one of the biggest, and her friend.  I am very proud of that last bit, I’ll write it again, it gave me a buzz! I am Charlotte’s old gentleman friend, and it makes me very happy to say it to the world!

So from all of us Mayfair…. thank you for looking after our favourite!

Look after her, make her even more successful. But most of all, send her back up north safe and sound, and not too tired!